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Marine litter

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Sustainable Development




Marine litter


Financial Partners:


- Aquitaine Regional Council

- Pyrénées Atlantiques General Council

- Landes General Council

- Local BAB Agglomeration Council

- Community of Tarnos

- Community of Boucau

- Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bayonne, the Basque Country



A collection, sorting and disposal operation has been in effect since August 2001 in order to deal with the marine litter that is washed up on the banks of the estuary.

The operation has associated an environmental mission with the integration of those receiving social welfare benefits in the Pyrénées Atlantiques Departement into professional jobs with qualifications.


Places where the work is being carried out


The geographical area covered by this environmental task extends from the Grenet Bridge to the mouth of the River Adour and includes 8 particular points of attention on both the left and right banks.


Graphs showing type of litter from 2002 to 2007


See the waste collection sheets and photos.

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