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Maritime dictionary

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Discover some Basque maritime terms

As part of a joint effort, started in 2005, between the CCI Bayonne, the Basque Country and the Basque Cultural Institute, an initiative was set up in order to make known words and expressions used in the Basque language in economic and maritime fields and the corresponding professional terms in French and English.

Up to now, 98 terms have been translated (French/Basque) for the field of economy.
For the port and maritime field, there are, today, 102 useful terms and expressions available in English, French and Basque.


Here are a few examples:

Accostage : porturatzea : berthing
Aciérie : altzairutegia : steel works
Amarre : esteka : mooring rope
Appontement : kaia-plataforma : wharf
Armateur : itsasontzi-jabea : ship owner


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divers: dic_maritime


J Dahec, dictionary of the sea and ships, from a sailor’s point of view

The definitions in the glossary dictionary are illustrated by articles on boat construction and naval architecture.  A directory of companies linked to the world of ships, the sea and sailors.  References to 20th century ships and sailors can be found on the Ship History page.  There are explanations on the use of resins and polyester repair in the Ship Building section as well as articles on wooden ship construction.  All the definitions in the dictionary have been checked in the sources referred to on the glossary dictionary page.


Definitions of naval architecture illustrate some thoughts and calculation methods used in naval architecture.  These are the bases that will enable you to then further your knowledge of naval architecture.  The Sea glossary dictionary is constantly updated.


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