The Port of Bayonne has numerous facilities at its three terminals, all connected to the railway network.


This terminal is dedicated to container activities and bulk solids. It has two cranes:

  • The DURO FELGUERA crane (GR 11) has a lifting capacity of 20T (bucket & hook)
  • The LIEBHERR LPS 420 crane (GR21) is a new tool for the concession. Delivered in spring 2019, it is one of the latest investments, costing M€9. This new crane significantly increases  lifting capacities (57T lift height).

This terminal has a dry dock for any necessary repairs, preparation work and maintenance on vessels. With 4.30 m draft, a maximum width of 15 m and a length of 94 metres, it can host buildings.

TARNOS terminal

Mostly aimed at industrial bulk and heavy packages, the docks have 4 cranes: PEINER (GR 12), DURO FELGUERA (GR13), TEREX (GR14) and LIEBHERR LPS 550 (GR15).

In spring 2019 the LIEBHERR LPS 550 crane (GR15) was commissioned in Tarnos. With a lifting capacity of up to 120T (bucket & hook), this tool complements other port services available, especially those dedicated to heavy packages.


Located on the Adour river’s right bank, this terminal equipped with a RORO ramp has a FANTUZZI REGGIANE crane (GR31) with a capacity of 80T (bucket & hook).

Specialised in the import/export of forestry products, the dock is also equipped with a shovel with a carrying capacity of 16T at 10 metres.

A wide variety of tools
spread over 3 terminals

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